From the recording Water on Tin

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Well I like Craig Biggio coming up to bat
You like Rusty Wallace racing ‘round the track
I kind of like the Dixie Chicks, you like Toby Keith
I like to be on top of things, you like to be beneath

You turn my light on every time I see you
You turn my light on, you make me wanna be with you
You turn my light on, even when you’re gone
You turn my light on, on and on and on

I like an omelet for some morning power
You like pickled beets and a beer with your shower
I like The Beatles and you like The Stones
Well baby I can let it be if you put Sticky Fingers on


I like to mope around and you like to laugh
At the zoo I like the lion, you like the giraffe
You like a chic flick, I like a little action
You like the Hill’s Café, I like the Saxon