George Palmer Macias is a prolific songwriter who waited 53 year before releasing his first solo CD, Firefly, in 2009.  Macias' second solo CD, Water on Tin, was released in 2013. Multiple songs from those collections have been streamed throughout the world, earning Mr. Macias a large number of pennies.
According to local music icon Stephen Doster (and producer): “When he sings, I believe. Drunk at the Driskill is meticulous and as haunting as the ghosts that drift through its refrain. A Texas songwriter who can stands with the best.”
Macias started writing songs in his teens and played in a band called the Bentwood Rockers with the late Doug Forbes at Cheatham Street Warehouse in San Marcos in the late '70s. He was a Kerrville Newfolk semifinalist in 1989. He played his first gig in Austin at the legendary Emmajoes after that. But a serious case of stage fright kept his name off any marquees until he joined a band called the 56 Babies in 2003. That gig morphed into a stint with The Regulars, who held down the Friday night happy hour slot at the Saxon Pub for five years (The Regulars released Austicana in 2005). Macias's song, You Turn My Light On, was dubbed "the South Austin National Anthem." It was called "a country-tinged tune" that "sounds like an instant classic" by the Austin American-Statesman.
In 2008, he quit his day job and began playing gigs around Central Texas and beyond--until Covid and a run-in with some burning Canola oil. He's back now and working on a book about the Austin singer-songwriter scene.