From the recording Water on Tin

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I’ve been down the road a time or two, and I’ve seen some highs and lows
Two marriages I can’t explain, except to say they didn’t go
If I ever walk the aisle again, well I won’t be walking blind
I’ll be asking many questions, I’ll be checking for the signs

When the road gets rough, will you be good enough
To stand by your sacred oath, when the road gets rough

I f you’re young you ought to listen to me, I’m not a wise man but I’ve seen
Beyond the shadows of your innocence, around the corners of your dreams
What you think you know you’ll come to find, is only skeletons and bones
The one you think will always be your friend, may be the one that you disown


A pretty smile is just a pretty smile, a pretty face is just a door
You better open up and look inside, you better look for something more
Oh the truth is not a razor line, but you know it’s pretty clear
Don’t be holding on so close to the ones, who will only disappear