From the recording Firefly

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While I'm sure most music critiques would disapprove of the use of Ferlinghetti, since he's not a household name, I like the fact that people are encouraged to look him up.


I look down on the clouds below me from this jet plane in the sky
as we chase the glowing sunset across the magic night
tangerines and indigoes and hues I can't explain
who is this artist who never signs his name

I look back on the life behind me from this vantage point in time
how I've chased away the ones I've loved, how they've vanished from my sight
but I can touch this morning's golden leaves and silver dew
forget the past as easily as this moment

If I were Michelangelo, I'd paint you up the scene
if I were Ferlinghetti, well I'd dream you up the dream
funny how most beauty goes unnoticed

I listen to the sounds around me, hear the bow on a violin
hear the bustling of the city streets, the laugh of the innocent
the harsh roar of the angry, and the proud voice of the wren
who is this artist, who paints upon the wind