From the recording Firefly

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This song was written about my excitement over a band I started with Juliann Banks called The Fyreflys. The band didn't last long, but the song has had thousands of spins on the radio and Internet.


Starting all over again
looking at my face in the mirror
if youth is getting farther away then
wisdom must be getting nearer
I walked out of a dream
then I walked into another
life is too short and precious
to feel like you're being smothered

I'm gonna fly up to the sky
I'm gonna fly around in the dark
I'm gonna shine with all my living light
I'm gonna try to touch your heart

These new friends of mine
they don't dwell on the sorrow
you can't live well in the present
if you don't believe in tomorrow
I'm gonna break this bottle
all this glass is gonna shatter
we're gonna fly around free
we're gonna make it all matter